Silver prices: How…

Silver prices: How high could they go?


September 11, 2013 • Reprints

One of the questions most often asked by those interested in investing in silver pertains to not only how low, but how high silver’s price can go.

The range is anywhere from a paper price of zero, given the role of the bullion banks in the decades long silver market price suppression conspiracy, to infinity in the event of a U.S. dollar hyperinflationary scenario.

Fair warning should be given that any discussion of price assumes that it is expressed in terms of a fiat currency or forced legal tender.

Of course, the ultimate measure of silver’s value is instead its purchasing power, although this value is much murkier and more difficult to compute given that investors are currently living in an age of faith-based fiat currency.

Bullish Scenarios for Silver Prices

A number of bullish scenarios exist that could substantially increase the price of silver if they were to materialize. They include the following:

When Physical Shortages Spike Premiums: Retail scarcity of silver could ignite physical premiums, thereby completely detaching the physical price from whatever paper price is being printed by the CFTC ‘regulated’ markets.

If Price is Determined Outside of the United States: Physical demand would prevail once again and would very likely cause the price of silver to overshoot its inflation adjusted highs.

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