Sunshine Minting Decoder Lens For Rounds And Bars

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Authenticate your Sunshine bullion purchase! This Decoder Lens is the complementary piece to the unique security feature known as MINT MARK SI™ now on Sunshine Minting products. In a world of financial uncertainty, the last thing you want to worry about is the authenticity of your Precious Metals investments. That's why Sunshine Minting has incorporated a counterfeit protection security feature, called MINT MARK SI™, on the reverse of its Gold and Silver bullion products. The MINT MARK SI™ security feature is not visible with the naked eye and can be validated only with this special Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens. When the Decoder Lens is placed over the MINT MARK SI™ security feature, a validation image will appear to authenticate your investment. Take your investment authentication into your own hands with Sunshine Minting MINT MARK SI™ bullion products and this accompanying Decoder Lens!

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