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Sixth and final coin in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Bullion Silver Maple Leaf Wildlife series – the Wood Bison. The Wood Bison (Bison bison athabascae), a subspecies of the American Bison, is Canada’s largest terrestrial mammal. It lives in parts of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory, and Northwest Territories where it favors the wet meadows found in open boreal and aspen forests. The wood bison is protected under Canada’s Species at Risk Act, which lists it as Threatened. This engraved fine silver coin has a diameter of 38 millimeters. The reverse image, designed by Canadian artist Emily Damstra, shows a wood bison galloping – its strength and endurance on display. A bison herd would run from any animal that might be a real threat to a small or weak member of the herd, though a healthy adult male such as the one shown is not likely to be attacked. The reverse is engraved with the word CANADA and the words FINE SILVER and ARGENT PUR. The obverse features the date 2013 the face value of 5 DOLLARS and the effigy of Her Majesty Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. The wood bison is uniquely Canadian: in its natural state, it only occurs in Canada. It is also the largest land mammal in North America often reaching two metres in height and weighing over 900 kilograms, mirroring our vast land’s massivity and power. Despite their great size and abundance—its population was once over 168,000—these great foragers were reduced to a few hundred at the dawn of the twentieth century. In Wood Buffalo and Elk Island National Parks, the Parks Canada Agency has worked with great care and tenacity to bring the wood bison back from the brink of extinction, successfully growing their number back to over 10,000. Long an example of humanity’s destructive power, the bison has, for far longer, been a Canadian icon, symbol of the West, and a core component of the pantheon of Canadiana. Through its successful rehabilitation, the story of the wood bison may now also become one of Canadian conservation’s success stories. Emily S. Damstra is a natural science illustrator who draws and paints zoological, botanical, anthropological, and paleontological subjects. Her illustrations may be seen on interpretive signs in museums, zoos, and natural areas as well as in many different publications, including the books Guide to Great Lakes Fishes by Gerald R. Smith (University of Michigan Press 2010) and The Atlantic Coast; A Natural History by Harry Thurston (Greystone Books 2011). She has a Master of Fine Arts degree in science illustration and her works have won awards in the juried natural science exhibits of the New York State Museum (Focus on Nature) and the Botanical Artists of Canada. Emily has always lived in the Great Lakes Region, where time spent gardening, hiking, and reading fuels her deep appreciation for the local environment. She works out of her home studio in Kitchener, Ontario. The Coins will come in Direct-Fit Air-Tite Plastic Holders, 15 Coins or more could be shipped in original Canadian Mint Tube upon request. Face Value: 5 dollars Composition: 99.99 % pure silver Diameter (mm): 38 Edge: Serrated Finish: Bullion Artist: Emily Damstra

Excellent coin as usual. Prompt service, reasonable prices, and free shipping. Look forward to doing business again.

Repeat customer due to yet another quality coin carefully and promptly shipped.

Once again a great coin and a perfect overall transaction. Thanks Aydin

Perfect as ever, I am a pleased customer for all the coins I have ordered, they are exactly as described.

guys also, shipped out my stuff super fast, thank you so much, Travis W.

I have ordered from you guys before, but, this is a beautiful coin, thank you, I will continue to do business with you guys, travis wolfe.

Coins are beautiful. Choice BU+. Super fast free shipping. Cheaper than EBAY. The coins also come in the air-tight hard plastic case, which many on EBAY don't provide. I will be buying from again!

I have been a collector for 20+ years and a dealer for 10 years. IMO, Aydin has the best customer service, super fast shipping, and 100% accuracy. Prices? They're G-R-R-R-E-A-T! Free shipping, too. So nice to trade with a family owned business that cares about you, not one of the warehouses that charge $15 even for just one item. Even then, who knows when you will get it? Aydin?usually 2 days, at no extra charge. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Great item, quality, price,large selections and FAST Delivery.

Another excellent coin supplied promptly at a fair price. Thank you Aydin!

Good looking coin.Really fast shipping.Too bad they are only making six of these.

The coin was just like it was advertised. Aydin has very quality coins and their customer service is number one.

Though I am a repeat Aydin customer, I still research other sources. Aydin remains highly competitive on price, and exemplary in customer service. They thus earn my business on a regular basis.

Always happy with my purchases from Aydin Coins and Jewelry Co. The coin is beautiful and the shipping was super fast.

Started using Aydin several years ago on ebay and was very happy with their quality, prices, communication and speedy & free delivery... Now that they opened their web site, everything that I liked before continues... Aydin is the positive precious metals buying experience! EMIL from Sunny South Florida

Accurate and quick transaction.Nice coins well packed.

Beautiful coin. Exactly as described. Great price and excellent delivery. As always!

Very nice coin!! Even better than i had imagined!! Great place to do business with will buy many more from them in future,!! Many thanks Jason

Very nice coin!! Even better than i had imagined!! Great place to do business with will buy many more from them in future,!! Many thanks Jason

Beautiful coin. Exactly as described. Great price and excellent delivery.

coin is great!!!!!!!! but if you buy only 1 you should put in an airtight holder!!!!!!


The Bison coins that I received were mint. Aydin shipped the coins promptly and were packaged extremely well. The price of the 2013 Canadian Silver Bison coin was very good. I couldn't find it cheaper elsewhere. Plus the coins came in airtite coin holders. I'm very happy with my purchase.


The coin was beautiful and probably grades very high. It was shipped quickly and the price was the best I found amongst all the sites I visited. It even came encapsulated, which was a bonus to me.

The coins are beautiful. I now have the entire set to display. They arrived earlier than expected, but no surprise...Aydin is always dependable. They always come through with the best deal. I will be ordering again soon.

What a beautiful coin. Every detail stands out. Should be rated a 70.

Very pleased with this coin, in pricing, always include cost of shipping, A very fair price, dealing with friendly sales personal, will be back...

The Canadian Wildlife Series is another one of my favorite silver bullions products...and Aydin Coins provides quick and excellent product service. - Joel in Houston, Texas

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