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·     World's first officially licensed Fender® 351 Heavy playable guitar pick in 10 grams of sterling silver

·     Play like a rockstar or display it proudly with your music collection

·     Limited mintage of only 5,000 picks

·     Custom plastic capsule for storage and protection when not in use

Produced by PAMP SA exclusively.

Produced by the D’Andrea company for Fender® beginning in 1955 the 351 was made for a new generation of rock-n-roll musicians by providing a variety of tonal sounds in an easy to hold size in a variety of different thicknesses.


The 351 Heavy is the first choice for many lead guitar players because of its ability to make solos sound more dynamic. 


To mark Fender®’s 75th anniversary, now for the first time ever guitarists can make even more powerful sounds with this 351 Heavy in sterling silver.

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