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For collectors and investors who enjoy owning precious metal coins, medals and rounds; there has long been a question left unanswered: “Are my pieces genuine?” But now, thanks to new technology employed by MintID, the uncertainty of whether or not the products people own are authentic is about to change!

By embedding AES-128-bit encrypted and tamper-proof NFC chips directly at the source, collectors have the ability to authenticate their collectible pieces in real time using MintID’s iOS/Android mobile apps. Utilizing the mobile app, each product can instantaneously be authenticated and guaranteed genuine by each ISO: 9001 minting facility that produced it. Unlike serial numbers, florescent inks, QR codes, and serial numbers; MintID chips cannot be copied or cloned. MintID only uses locked encrypted microchips that link physical bullion products to their cloud-based digital records.

The inaugural product line includes this silver bar that features an inset of a mighty American Bison. Struck in five full Troy ounces of highly pure 99.9% fine silver, the bar includes the metal weight and purity on the obverse along with the image of the shaggy buffalo. The reverse bears the MintID logo and the AES-128 encrypted NFC tag that gives each bar its unique digital identity. You’ll see the blue tag in the center of the bar amidst a field of MintID logos.

Bar Specifications:

  • Securely equipped with AES-128 bit encrypted NFC microchip to prevent counterfeiting 
  • Made with .999+ fine silver and weighs 10 ounces
  • Produced by MintID
  • IRA Eligible
  • Individual bar comes sealed in plastic
  • Obverse: Features the MintID logo with cellphone. Beneath that is a buffalo mid-stride. Four-lines make up the border. Inscriptions: “5 TROY OUNCES”, “.999+ FINE SILVER”, “”, and “5” in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Reverse: Displays the MintID logo in a repeating pattern with the four-line border and “10” inscription in the bottom left corner. In the center is the MintID scannable NFC microchip.

Metal Content 5 troy ounces Purity .999+ fine Thickness 6.5mm Dimensions 64.7mm x 36.8 mm IRA Eligible Yes


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