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Fiducia (Trust)

Yet another first with this series is the Virtue Fiducia, or Trust, making her debut on the Wyoming 10 Goldback Denomination. Accompanied with the phrase “Trust in the LORD”, Fiducia makes her appearance as a pioneer woman and future settler of Star Valley, Wyoming. She is depicted here following the worn path of those who went before and exercising her best preparations in order to protect and follow her faith while trusting in Deity. 

With a backdrop of the famous formation of Split Rock, Fiducia can be seen carrying a basket of birch wood on her back as kindling for the fire. Because of their year-round beauty and early bearing of foliage, birch trees symbolize hope and new beginnings. In some local Native American cultures, their meaning includes truth and the cleansing of the past for a new beginning. Considering the special meanings behind the birch tree, it is no wonder that birch wood has been used traditionally for making cribs for newborn babies. It is meant to invoke similar feelings here in this design. With its stored potential as fuel for the fire, the birch wood is accompanied by a steel flint striker in the foreground. Surrounded by indian paintbrush and sagebrush, the steel flint striker represents the actions and work needed to spark the first flames that must be tended in order to realize the potential of a new beginning. 

The yoked oxen are representative of hard work, sharing burdens, consistent effort, cooperation, and equality. Particularly, it nods to Wyoming’s historical milestone of voting rights for women. The viewer is encouraged to follow the example of Fiducia and trust in what is right and the example and counsel of those who have gone before them to help them arrive at the best place where they can realize their full potential.

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