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1976 US Mint Proof Set Coins

(image for) 1976 US Mint Proof Set Coins

I needed a good quality 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Silver Dollar for my new 20th Century Type Coin folder and the idea came that it would be best if I could acquire a 1976 Proof Eisenhower and have the very best coin for my Type Folder. Aydin had a 1976 Proof Set for a really low price so I ordered it. When it came I opened the case (which isn't easy) and extracted the silver dollar for my collection. I also realized that the collection also needed a bicentennial half dollar and quarter, so I was able to get three proofs for my 20th Century Type Coin book at the very reasonable price of only $14.50 shipping FREE. That was a triple win-win. Thanks Aydin for coming through for me again.

James H H, 07/23/2019
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