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Lot of 5 - 2023 1 oz Austrian .999 Fine Silver Philharmonic Coins BU

(image for) Lot of 5 - 2023 1 oz Austrian .999 Fine Silver Philharmonic Coins BU

Hey guys, I love Aydin coins. Like most of you, I'm a stacker too.
I found them thru a coin purchase on eBay, my luck.
I order usually every week 5 or 10 of the Eagles, Maples, or Philharmonics.
I have also done the math against Apmex who also is a fine company also which I usually
reserve for large purposes. Every coin I get from Aydin is in excellent condition.
you can tell they have been handled with care. Free shipping and a great price.
Always updated thru email on order confirmation and shipping.
Shipping is quick, usually 3-4 days.
I love not having to wait for my check to get there, hold till cashed, then another five
days for my order to arrive.
I place an order on Thursday, it's here on Wednesday.
I have ordered multiple times with Aydin, great service, great prices, and never a issue.
They are a continuous go to for my silver addiction.
As far as the Philharmonics, to me they are stunning, but in all fairness I am a silver
junkie so even a generic round is treasure to me.
I like that I can spend $125 or less out the door and can have 5 beautiful silvers
in my hand within a week.
They have become one of my main dealers. I highly recommend you try them.
They have proven themselves to be a great dealer of precious metals.
Capt Craig, stacker in Key West, Fl

craig s, 07/19/2014
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