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This purchase is for 5 2022 Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins with the following description. The Austrian Philharmonic bullion coin first minted in 2008 by the Austrian Mint. The Austrian Philharmonic is now one of the sought after coin in the world and was designed by Thomas Pesendorfer. The coin contains one troy ounce of pure .9999 fine (or "four-nines") silver. It is a legal tender coin with a face value of 1.5 Euros. CONTENT: Silver-0.999 Troy Ounce 31.103 Grams. Weight: 1.000 Troy Ounces 31.103 Grams. Diameter: 1.46 in; 37mm Thickness: 0.130 in; 3.20mm. 31.10 Grams* 31.104 Grams 38.0mm 3.29mm. All coins are Uncirculated.

Came simply, but well packaged. Beautiful silver coins and good price. Thanks!

A beautiful coin delivered in mint condition. Good value

These are quite beautiful coins and were well priced for this timeline .

Just as described with a reasonable price and as always, great customer service.

Beautiful coins shipped quickly. I do not like to type text like Torbram and Locare. I am a human being and not a mindless computer

Great communication both verbal and electronic! Brilliant silver coins shipped for free in very secure packaging. Thank you aydin coins for upholding business practices that are truly American born.

Great communication both verbal and electronic! Brilliant silver coins shipped for free in very secure packaging. Thank you aydin coins for upholding business practices that are truly American born.

Beautiful coins, one of my favorites. Coins were delivered in excellent shape.

I always wanted them, now I have them, thank you thank you thank you!

The product is first class (as it suppose to be). I bought silver coins. The service is very good (and for this product is need it). I will keep buying from Aydin Coins

Beautiful coins. The price was great and the service as always was outstanding. Thanks Aydin.


Philharmonics are one of the most beautiful coins they have... and they are priced a bit lower than the other equivalent coins. I started talking music lessons when I retired and give one of these to mu music teacher every year for Christmas. Aydin has a GREAT selection of coins at a GREAT price.

Very nice coin! Super fast shipping! Great company! Items are as advertised!

Austrian phils were mint fresh and mint quality, too. A great price for 5 great silver coins adds up to a great value in my book.

This is my second or third order that I received from Aydin and each time I received coins they were what was stated and well packaged meaning no damaged returns. I always check to see what Aydins price and product that is being sold. I believe that Aydins sell what they say what there selling. I always check Aydins coins every time I'm looking for a different coin

My wife and I are very happy with our new silver coins.

These coins are one of the most beautiful coins on the market. The price was excellent and service was great.

I wanted to expand my collection of 1 oz. silver bullion. These were the first of 2015 that I saw offered from Aydin's. These are beautiful pieces to start with the 2015 year. Thanks Aydin for being there for Me, once again.

I have made several purchases and each and every time I have been pleased with the product and the fast processing and delivery of the Items ordered.

Hey guys, I love Aydin coins. Like most of you, I'm a stacker too. I found them thru a coin purchase on eBay, my luck. I order usually every week 5 or 10 of the Eagles, Maples, or Philharmonics. I have also done the math against Apmex who also is a fine company also which I usually reserve for large purposes. Every coin I get from Aydin is in excellent condition. you can tell they have been handled with care. Free shipping and a great price. Always updated thru email on order confirmation and shipping. Shipping is quick, usually 3-4 days. I love not having to wait for my check to get there, hold till cashed, then another five days for my order to arrive. I place an order on Thursday, it's here on Wednesday. I have ordered multiple times with Aydin, great service, great prices, and never a issue. They are a continuous go to for my silver addiction. As far as the Philharmonics, to me they are stunning, but in all fairness I am a silver junkie so even a generic round is t

Beatiful COIN, in the beginning I had mixed feelings about the coin not being reeded, but once you hold the coin in your hands (with gloves, of course), you can really appreciate the beauty of it. Also the coin is only three 9's silver, not four as advertised by some sellers.

Aydin - always provides exactly what they promise and of course there is never a charge for shipping! There are never any minimums so you can invest as little as you want and as much as you want. The volume discounts make larger purchases more attractive. These Philharmonics were in mint condition packaged in zip locks and shipped securely. I have completed numerous purchases with AYDIN and have not had a single complaint. Watch for their frequent specials! - James

very nice coin,i wish every one have this beautiful coin for their Collection.

Beautiful coins! I can always count on Aydin for delivering great product and great service.

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