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This is a great way to buy Silver, each $1 face value of 90% Silver coins contains .715 troy ounces of Silver weight. You could order the quantity you want in face value terms. Each $1 face value purchase will contain mixture of denomination of coins. You will receive Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars all Pre-1964. Aydin Coins & Jewelry is able to offer these coins at a low premium over the spot price of silver, making them an efficient way to invest in Silver! These coins are a great way to add Silver to any investment portfolio. Pre-1965 90% Silver coins, sometimes referred to as junk Silver or scrap Silver, are a great way to start your Silver investments. These Silver coins were pulled from circulation with the introduction of copper/nickel clad coins and the rising demand of Silver. The public saved them for their 90% Silver content as a rainy day fund they can fall back on.

Got some very nice coins considering they were supposed to be "junk silver". Some will go into my scrape silver box but most will fit perfectly into my Grandchildren's collections that Aydin Coins has helped them start. You know I will be back for myself and my Grandchildren.

I will order this item again. Hopefully a little better with the coins.

Your shipping department got it perfect (they usually do) the coins sent filled out one of my Granddaughters fifty cent books....she now has all the 40's in her collection and she could not be any more probably heard her screaming with joy. The other coins were excellent also, only one went to my junk silver pile, the rest were collectible. Thank them for me, I will be back!!

As always your shipping Department helped my Grandchildren fill in some spots in their ever expanding coin collections. They love opening the envelope a finding what they were sent. They are never disappointed and the coins they can't use go into my silver collection. Please let your shipping Department know how much I appreciate their extra effort! Pat

very satisfied, nice assortment. this is my second order on these.

Simply an outstanding company to use to buy your gold and silver. I have used them for many years and they have always exceeded all expectations. They are honest and fair. Fantastic customer service and always willing to answer questions. Buy from them with confidence.

As always your shipping department came through with some beautiful old coins for my Grandchildren's collections. They really love going through the old coins and fitting them into their collection books. What they don't use I put into my collection or my silver scrap pile. You know I will be back!

coins in very good condition will highly recommend.

It’s great to feel real silver coins again! A plus for any collector. Always a great quality at aydincoins!AAA+++

Great buy, I am ready for the next sale! I am looking for Swiss of America 1 oz rounds if you have any please let me know.

As always your shipping department helped me out. The coins they sent were excellent and my Grandchildren had a great time going through the coins and finding and filling many blank spots in their coin books. You know I will be back.

Thank you shipping department. As always you fulfilled a special request and helped me fill some empty slots in my Grandchildren's coin collections. I know you take extra time to help me in this endeavor and I want you to know that I really appreciate your efforts. I hope that this atta-boy reaches your personnel files. Aydin know I will be back!!

Great product and price. Exactly as promised. Great way to stock up on junk silver.

Good mix, some nice quality silver Kennedy Halves. As always, Aydin's prompt delivery - coins received just 5 days from placing order.

Very nice selection of Walkers, Franklins, and Kennedys. Balanced number of each in full rolls. Could not have asked for more!

I received what I expected and more, several of the coins were BU and will fit nicely in my collection, the others are as advertised...90% silver coins but still fun to go through and actually might be nice to have for a beginning collector..there might be a coin you will never see again or one that you can put in your collection until one better comes along. You know I will be back!!

Nice assortment of silver coins with fast service. Thank You!

Another order and a great selection of coins at still a fair price. Thank You Aydin coins and Jewlery

Except for the 1960 Liberian 10 cent, it was a nice little collection. Though never expilictly stated US 90%, that was what I expected. The odd Liberian 10 cent-er is a nice little curiosity piece, as I do like foreign coins, too. But the set was nice, good price, great service, got here Fast! Have always had a good experience with Aydin!

Very nice collection of 90% silver coins at a very fair price. All the coins I received were good or better with the dates legible. Never been disappointed shopping with Aydin.

Repeat customer, always great products. Highly recommended hanks

I have purchased a number of these packages and have never been disappointed. I knew some would be close to culls BUT I have received many that were good enough to go into my personal collection...there were 4 coins this time (all half dollar) that have been placed in air tites they were so good. know I will be back for more coins.

A good value. Coins are nicer than I thought they'd be.

Second purchase of these 90% silver coins. Most are worth the melt value but there are some that fit in nicely into my coin collection. I was expecting only culls but was pleasantly surprised. As always Aydin I will be back for more purchases.

Just as described. Several different denomination of coin to add up to a dollar. I never felt like these would be collectable, but simply 90% silver culls. I was wrong AND really wrong. I got several in B/U condition and instead of heading to my melting pot, they have found a place in my coin collection. DON'T expect the same results but I lucked out, you could too! I just ordered some more!!

Great product, fast shipping and great price ! I will contine doing business with Aydin Coins.

Once again, Aydin has provided a great value. The old silver coins were much better than I expected. Aydin is my "go-to" coin and bullion seller.

What I received was exactly what was described to me. I am buying small amounts (as I can afford) as a hedge for hard times. I will continue to do business with Aydin Coins. I was referred here by my Nephew, and have made 2 purchases so far. I am completely satisfied with both purchases!

Ok. Ordered $2 of junk. Received 4 quarters and 10 dimes. Was hoping for 1 half dollar.

A tangible example of inflation when you show your dollar of money to someone and explain that it cost $16.00 in currency. I couldn't be happier with the five dimes and two quarters. It feels like a sizable sampling.

The coins were received as described. Actually, these coins were in better condition that I thought they were going to be. Fast delivery. An awesome and honest company to do business with.

Great coins! Fast Shipping! Thanks!! Would recommend and will be buying more soon.

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