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For many people, the interest in coin collecting begins with the gift of a dollar or half dollars from a visiting relative. As interest in numismatics grows, collectors discover that dollars and half dollars have yielded some of the most beautiful examples of the engraver’s art. They also have a long and distinguished history. Such coins have been minted in the United States since before the American Revolutionary War. The U.S. Mint has produced these coins in gold, silver, and base metal versions. “Silver dollars” were minted beginning in 1794. The term is often used to describe any large white metal U.S. coin with a face value of one hundred cents. However, sticklers for tradition will argue that the name cannot be applied if the coin’s composition does not actually include silver. American minted gold and gold-colored dollars have also proved popular with collectors. Both the Sacagawea and Presidential coins are referred to as "Golden dollars". At Aydin Coin & Jewelry Co., our extensive collection features prime example of these collectibles. Some of the coins date back to the 1840s. All feature exquisite historical portraiture. But when they’re gone, they’re gone forever. So shop now while supplies last!